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All of KEMBARA products now without Food Warmer; Each products contain a pack of rice, dish, plastic plate & spoon. Just add on KEMBARA Food Warmer if you need it!
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What is KEMBARA Meals?

Premium Ready to Eat

KEMBARA is the perfect solution: self-heating, portable, and cost effective meals that you’ll crave even when you’re not exploring the world. KEMBARA are produced using the highest quality ingredients, patented packaging systems, and lightweight materials so you can have a hot delicious meal anytime, anywhere at the end of a tiring day.

Heats with Any Liquid

KEMBARA Meals are heated by our KEMBARA Heating Technology, which is a non-toxic way to re-heat food. The food itself is in a sealed package of it’s own and never actually touches the liquids that are poured into the bag. This means that any liquid you have on hand can help you to cook your meal – with absolute ease!

No Preservatives

KEMBARA home-style recipes are crafted with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and without added preservatives. They are fast and convenient to prepare when you’re in a hurry—just open, add any liquid and serve (Spoon included)

24 Months Shelf Life

KEMBARA Meals are cooked in multi-layer tubs that allow for sterilization on a high temperature through a process called retorting that will kill all the microbes and bacteria.

How to Prepare?


Tear the heatpack


Pour any water


Let it heat up to 10 mins


Enjoy your hot meal

Five different Menus

Ready to Eat!

Each KEMBARA Meal Pack contains a delicious and wholesome 200g cooked rice & dish, ready to eat meal in a foil pouch, a water-proof sachet with Food Warmer, a spoon and a plate. Get your daily nourishment from Kembara Meal today! They are compact, durable, nutritious, self heating and shelf-stable.

Kembara Meals. Anytime, Anywhere!


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